Santino's Pizza & Grinders

Expect Great Service!

We would be honored to serve you the best pizza, grinder, or salad at any of our four locations in Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, or Pace. See our Locations page for where you can find one of our restuarants. We look forward to welcoming you in!
We've been serving the residents and visitors of the gulf coast for almost two decades! We'd be happy to welcome you in for a great dining experience, a wonderful take-home experience, or maybe we could better serve you through an exquisite catering order!

Looking for a Drink?

We're not just known for our pizzas, grinders, and salads; but we pride ourselves on complementing your meal with your favorite alcoholic beverage (not available at the Davis Highway location)!

* Inventory stock varies by store. Call or check the menu page for specifics.

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